Original Art by Ingrid Nuss Fine Artist Art Gallery Wilderness Garden Route South Africa


Ingrid Nuss Fine Artist Art Gallery Wilderness Garden Route South Africa

Limited Edition Dreamalities

Ingrid Nuss Fine Art Wilderness South Africa

Dreamalities on Canvas

Ingrid Nuss Fine Artist Art Gallery Wilderness Garden Route South Africa

Surf Art

Ingrid Nuss Fine Artist Art Gallery Wilderness Garden Route South Africa


Ingrid Nuss See the Wonder Functional Art Clothing and Apparel Wilderness South Africa


Ingrid Nuss fine art

Step into the realm of Ingrid Nuss, a visionary artist who masterfully blurs the lines between imagination and reality. 

Through her evocative works, she invites you to embark on a journey of introspection and awe.

Each artwork is a window into a world where the ethereal and the earthly converge.

With every brushstroke, Nuss captures the sublime essence of existence, inspiring a profound connection to the natural world and the unseen energies that bind us all.

Explore this sanctuary of creativity, where art transcends the ordinary, and discover images that resonate with your soul. Allow Nuss’ creations to infuse your surroundings with a sense of wonder and serenity, and bring a touch of the mystical into your everyday. 


View original paintings, limited edition fine art prints, and prints on canvas. Selections of open edition, poster prints, and shirts are available for all.

Whats new with Ingrid Nuss Fine Art Garden Route South African Artist
Whats new with Ingrid Nuss Fine Art Garden Route South African Artist



The whimsical nature of the characters lifts us up out of our dense vibrational field and reminds us not to take everything so seriously. We are not separate entities but are part of the bigger picture, the unifying whole.

Art by Ingrid Nuss Fine Artist Art Gallery Wilderness Garden Route South Africa


See the Wonder by Ingrid Nuss Fine Art Gallery Garden Route south Africa

See The Wonder is a conscious creative brand
featuring the art of Ingrid Nuss on functional items.

When I first laid eyes on Ingrid’s work, it stirred something in me – something I felt deeply but couldn’t find the words to express. It was both an exploration of magic and mystery and awe and a return home to where I felt understood. She has a way of capturing the sheer beauty of nature, evoking your inner child’s curiosity and at the same time connecting you to a much older wisdom flowing through your blood. Her warmth, friendliness, and approachability make her a truly special and rare human. She sees the world the way I suspect it truly is – full of magic. I truly believe that she is the bridge between many people’s dreams and their physical world. I am so excited to one day have her artwork up against my wall. She is the person you want to be working with if you have a message to share with the world and words alone won’t do it justice.

Roelien Steenkamp

I had the pleasure of working with Ingrid several years ago. It was easy to see that she possessed a serenity and calm often associated with people well beyond her years. We were working in quite a serious corporate environment and professionalism and civility were two essential attributes. Fortunately, Ingrid had these attributes in abundance. At any given opportunity Ingrid wished to explore and ground herself in a natural environment as we were working long hours on cruise ships for the largest Art dealer in the world. The work was grueling but I could always rely on the strength and a smile from Ingrid. Although I knew she painted when I worked with her little did I know she was actually honing her exceptional talent to a level that had now gained international attention. It strikes the perfect balance of nature, uniqueness, and intrigue. Although elements of surrealism permeate the canvas there is nothing disquieting about her compositions quite the opposite, there is a serenity and a desire to embody her paintings. Rousseau and Chirico are just two masters that spring to mind. However, these subtle similarities make for a truly definitive style. Regardless of the subject matter, it’s clear you are enjoying an Ingrid Nuss. Being able to pluck from the chords of Art history and effortlessly relate your own visual symphony is a talent traditionally acquired by artists in the autumn of her career. Already her visual voice is clear bold and definitive and it’s a pleasure to watch her being collected on every corner of the globe.

Luke Proctor

I absolutely love Ingrid Nuss’ art and always pop into her gallery at Timberlake when I am in the area. I love her sense of humour. Her work reminds me of Salvador Dali but with a “lightness of being”. I was so excited to meet her in person at her gallery today. Also thrilled to see that she has created cards and postcards of her artwork.

Serna Kramer

Dear Ingrid, I bought this work from you because I was deeply attracted to it. I love artworks that are different and unique and find the surrealism and mystique fascinating. For me, there is a meeting and conversation between two worlds here. The outer world that we are familiar with and our inner world that we are perhaps not so familiar with. The bird with the seeing eyes (bringer of sacred messages) and the whale represent the wisdom and the nurturing aspect of the female soul. The other bird holding the universe between its wings. It hangs right next to my bed and lifts my spirit and makes me smile when I see it in the morning. It is an honour to own it. Best wishes,

Leonor Langenhoven

I absolutely love the combination of surf and nature and sky – Ingrid’s art just pulls it all together with this amazing sense of spirituality and depth I can’t describe.

Sarah Elizabeth Wray

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