inspired by nature

Thoughtful compositions that remind us of something forgotten.
Every artwork takes you on an inner journey. Are you ready to explore?

Hi, I’m Ingrid

….a nature-loving surfer who thrives in exploring the world around me and then depicting my perceptions of them on paper or canvas.

By collecting my art, you get a part of me, my views and beliefs, visions and imagination. And you allow an artist the freedom to live her dream, and man oh man, do I love to dream~!

Welcome to the worlds which exist in between here and my mind….


These are spaces where mother nature is in harmony, a time before or after us. They are ideal versions of our world, where imagination and reality coincide to create thought- provoking, surreal-inspired, spiritually conscious, cosmically connected places where magic and total freedom exist.

Surf Art

Surfing plays such a big part in my life, I want to capture the feeling of total saltwater immersion, the spontaneity and energy of riding a wave in the ocean, the yearning for exploration it gives, and all the wisdom these experiences give.


I often see parts of nature as characters, a face in a rock, a wise old man in a tree, and a human silhouette as a mountain. People also remind me of animals, and I see human traits in animals.

Here you have my whimsical approach to how I see the people around me…. what animal would you be? Would you like to see? Why not contact me….

Want to own an Ingrid Nuss original?

Ingrid Nuss Fine Art Gallery

Timberlake Organic Village, Wilderness, South Africa

If you’re interested in viewing all my available work, come and visit my art gallery on the Garden Route; situated halfway between Wilderness and Sedgefield. And who knows? You might discover that you re-awaken the child within, or remember some intrinsic knowledge that we all tend to forget.