inspired by nature

Thoughtful compositions that remind us of something forgotten.
Every artwork takes you on an inner journey. Are you ready to explore?

Hi, I’m Ingrid

I’m a nature-loving surfer who thrives while exploring the world around me. My passion is depicting my perceptions of this world with brushstrokes on canvas…

When you collect my art, you get a part of me — the way I interpret the world and things that are important to me — mixed in with a healthy dose of magic.

In exchange, you help me live my dream. And man oh man, do I love the dream.

Welcome to the world that exists between reality and my imagination…


These are the ideal versions of our world. Spaces where Mother Nature is in harmony… a time both before and after us.

A place where imagination and reality harmonize. Where the real and the surreal blend to create new, cosmically-connected places, dripping with magic and total freedom…

Surf Art

Chances are, if I’m not in my studio, I’m surfing. Since art and surfing play such important roles in my life, it’s only natural to mix the two.

I want to embody the feeling of total saltwater immersion. The spontaneity and energy of exhilarating moments that will never exist again.

I want to capture the sense of adventure this experience awakens. The ancient wisdom the ocean shares with every surf…


Nature is full of characters. If you squint your eyes, tilt your head, and use your imagination, you’ll notice them in the natural world around you. 

The face in the rock, the wise old man in a tree, the human silhouette in the mountain. They all deserve a spot on the centre stage. 

It also works the other way. Animals are full of human traits, too. Maybe humans and animals aren’t so different after all? 

This gives you a glimpse into the whimsical way I see people around me. What animal would you be? 

Contact me to find out…

Ready for an Ingrid Nuss original?

Ingrid Nuss Fine Art Gallery

Timberlake Organic Village, Wilderness, South Africa

If you’re interested in viewing all my available work, come and visit my art gallery on the Garden Route; situated halfway between Wilderness and Sedgefield. And who knows? You might discover that you re-awaken the child within, or remember some intrinsic knowledge that we all tend to forget.


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