Ingrid Nuss is a visual artist residing in Wilderness, the ‘Heart of the Garden Route’, South Africa.

Avid family camping trips between the Cape and Namibia cultivated Ingrid’s deep love for natural surroundings and stimulated her inspiration for creativity. Much of her youth was spent drawing and painting everything she loved. She attended the Jack Meyer Art Centre whilst at school and then graduated with distinction at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in Cape Town in 2007 (UCT).

After her studies, she traveled extensively and worked for one of the largest privately-owned art auctioneering companies in the world. Those years abroad allowed her to explore places such as New York, California, Hawaii, and Alaska, also much of the East and some of the South. This was extremely valuable in shaping her life views and beliefs.

Upon returning to her homeland, South Africa, The Garden Route’s evergreen forests, untouched coastline and majestic mountains drew her into some of the magical scenarios she loves to paint. It became her greatest inspiration and continuously provides the subject matter she loves.

Further fascination with aspects of biology, patterns, science, philosophy, and spirituality, has shaped her own visual language to express her innermost emotions through her artwork.

Ingrid explains, “the most important part of my work is to enable a feeling, which cannot be communicated easily in words, as it connects from within”.

INGRID NUSS FINE ART GALLERY opened in 2019 at Timberlake Organic Village on the N2, just past Wilderness. This has been a real dream come true and she warmly awaits your visit.


On the 24th of April Ingrid Nuss hosted the first Evoking Art Experience. This platform showcased a contemporary art exhibition featuring 25 emerging new artists, live music performances from the Garden Route and Cape Town, poetry recitals, and a live art auction.

Solo Exhibition at Cocomo Restaurant, Wilderness Arts Festival

‘Oases of the Mind’, 101 Meade Street, George
Pop-up Group Exhibition at Timberlake village, Wilderness
Group Exhibition ‘Home Moods’ at The Liebrecht Gallery Somerset West
Solo Exhibition at Kaaimans Restaurant, Wilderness

Group Exhibition ‘Verge’ at the Knysna Arts Gallery, Knysna
Group Exhibition ‘The Grand’ at Rust-en-Vrede Gallery, Durbanville
Solo Exhibition ‘Into the Wilderness’ at Zeppelins in Mossel Bay
Solo Exhibition ‘Art and Music’ at the Seodin Garden Estate, Wilderness
Group Exhibition ‘Wilderness Annual Open Gallery’, Wilderness
Solo Exhibition ‘Universurrealism’ at Sedgefield Remax Art Initiative

Group Exhibition at Wilderness Annual Open Gallery

Group Exhibition at Wilderness Annual Open Gallery

Group Exhibition ’10 World Cup’ at Art On Long, Cape Town

Honors Degree Exhibition at Michaelis School Of Fine Art (UCT), Cape Town