Birds of the Mystical Forest


Fine Art Canvas Print – These are top of the line!

Image size 42cm x 60cm (A2) without border
Gallery quality, archival canvas print using pigment-based UV-stable archival inks.
Beautiful, non-glare satin finish.
Museum wrap edges (black border 44mm).
Open edition
Unstretched rolled canvas



‘Birds Of The Mystical Forest’ is about the ethereal beauty that lies within nature and the mystery of our existence within this magical place.

The birds are adorned in patterns you would see a person wear in our time and comments on the commodification culture we are encouraged to live in. This brings their place closer to home, by making them two of us, sharing the same rhythms, patterns, and vibrations as living beings.

The tree branch is pulsating with life and movement, as it does when we were to look closer than what merely meets the eye, enabling one to feel that we are all part of this living being together. This work of art aims to encourage perfect harmony between humans and nature, which could create awareness of our daily thoughts ultimately leading to the preservation of this blue jewel we call home.