Window Into Infinity


Fine Art Canvas Print – These are top of the line!

Image size 42cm x 60cm (A2) without border
Gallery quality, archival canvas print using pigment-based UV-stable archival inks.
Beautiful, non-glare satin finish.
Museum wrap edges (black border 44mm).
Open edition
Unstretched rolled canvas



This multidimensional painting opens up views behind views. In the far distance is the backdrop of the Milky Way seen from Earth through a high-quality lens. This being our galactic home, it forms a widening vision of the concept of our landscape. Bringing us closer is the open window view of the Kaaimans waterfall, in Wilderness, as if seen through an old worn-down building dissolving into the vastness of space. The waterfall flows into the foreground oasis as a river of stars and greenery quenching the thirst of the leopard. Where the leopard comes from is not certain, and the retro blue lines and couch floating about in this unknown meeting place confuses even more. One wonders what happens outside the areas seen in this painting.

By putting all of these elements together, the artist shows us how everything flows and is connected within our seen and unseen worlds. There is a re-assurance where nature is concerned when even the strongest man-made structures can be penetrated by a single sprout.

This artwork is about peace and quiet within chaos, and the nourishment gained from this oasis, planet Earth.