Magical scenes

inspired by nature.

Thoughtful compositions that remind us of something forgotten.
Every artwork takes you on an inner journey. Are you ready to explore?

Beautifying spaces is only one aspect of

the power of art.

For the thoughtful ones, go on a journey through a world that’s been forgotten; remind yourself and your guests about the things we tend to forget. We’re all one, the world is full of magic and it’s waiting for you to explore.

Inspired by the

mountains, forests, and oceans

of the Garden Route.

My art is not only a visual representation of my surroundings but an emotional representation of experiences that can’t be described with words. Now is your chance to take a small piece of this magical world home with you.

Go on a journey

from the comfort of your home.

Peek through a window into a world of imagination. A world full of hope. Where the universal language is not one of words, but intuition. Tap into this ancient knowledge that we all have, and use it to spread some positivity in the world.

When decaying human structures and rampant nature are placed in a juxtaposition, the result is whimsical, fantastical, unreal. But the reality is that this is what happens when humans slow down. Nature returns to places that we’ve made ‘unnatural’. And this is a truth that we all know exists. We are not bigger than nature. We are nature.

Original paintings & prints on paper or canvas

With an original canvas hanging on your wall, this world will be available for you to discover whenever you’re ready for an adventure. The universe is abundant, but these originals are not. Become the proud owner of an Ingrid Nuss original today.

There are prints available for the budget-conscious art collector. Get the same magical and whimsical scenes, but printed on paper or canvas, and easier on your pocket. Consider it a stepping stone to owning an original.


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Ingrid Nuss Fine Art Gallery

Timberlake Organic Village, Wilderness, South Africa

If you’re interested in viewing all my available work, come and visit my art gallery on the Garden Route; situated halfway between Wilderness and Sedgefield. And who knows? You might discover that you re-awaken the child within, or remember some intrinsic knowledge that we all tend to forget.