Acrylic on mounted board

W:1300cm x H:900cm x D:4.5cm

There’s no doubt that 2020 was an unexpected rollercoaster ride of sorts. No one saw it coming! This painting pretty much sums up what I felt about the time. It’s about the difficulties and underlying tensions. It’s about the figurative tsunami that flooded our lives. The leopard-saber-tooth depicts my resistance and frustration, even anger at what’s been going on. Despite all the challenges it entailed, there’s been beauty in it all. We could spend more time at home, slow down the pace of work a bit, focus on our inner-selves, and decide what is truly important in our lives when the hustle and bustle is stripped away. The stairs are leading upwards into the heavens as if to say we are still on the right path. Breathe, look up at the stars, there’s always magic in the air.