Acrylic on stretched canvas

W:61cm x H:57cm x D3.5cm

“The massive black trunk of an ancient plum tree with bending, twisting branches spans nearly sixteen feet across four sliding panels. The reptilian old tree sprouts blossoms, which convey the atmosphere of a cold early spring morning and symbolize birth and renewal.” – written about the artwork ‘Old Plum’ by Kanu Sansetsu (author unknown).

Nuss has a fascination with Asian philosophy and art which surfaces in her artworks from time to time.

This particular piece combines her view on waterfalls being a lifeforce – turning the water into blood and setting it in an eerie depiction of a dark forest. With the crow as the centre-focus, it is a symbol of life magic and mysteries. It may also be seen as a symbol of intelligence, flexibility, and destiny. These attributes can all be of great use within the darkest times.

However dark and unusual the forest may seem, there is light shining through the dark, as in life, and the meaning of the Japanese Plum, it can bring new life and renewal.