Acrylic on stretched canvas

W:200cm x H:150cm x D:2.5cm

This content-rich landscape serves as a visual diary of the artists travels from Asia back to Africa. There is a post-apocalyptic nature within the earth breaking apart, revealing the lava-red sunset symbolizing the close of a life-changing period in her life’s story.

The heavy emotion carried during that time is about to be washed away by the tsunami, and the roots growing out of the volcano solidifies that the experience will forever be embedded in her life. The Hokusai references capture the past Asian influences in her life, whereas the Baobab of Africa(her home) holds her world together now.

The Tiger will continuously be used as a reference to herself in her art, and the lion beside her bed is her protector watching over her. The whales in the bed are there because of their overwhelming presence they held in her dreams, so much so that it lead to a close encounter in nature around that time. The Birds symbolize the passage between this journey, as she spent a month in Indonesia during this epic change in her life. They are from a Bali Batik fabric motif.

This painting holds great value in the artists heart, as it exposes some of her innermost feelings through the process of transformation.