Acrylic on stretched canvas

W:200cm x H:150cm x D:2.5cm

This artwork is the first painting the artist dedicated to her (then)new home, here in the Garden Route. Various visual references of George/Wilderness and Knysna are  contrasted beside an opening to space exposing her love for looking beyond, and seeing her physical visual environment in relation to the spiritual greater cosmos.

The road leading to the bridge is the N2 running along the Knysna Lagoon. The bridge is the Silver River Bridge on the old George road on the way to Saasveld in Wilderness. The Ghost-train of the Outeniqua Choochoo is passing within the clouds on the way to no-where, with the Outeniqua mountain range in the background.

The references of the suitcases open symbolize her opening her bags and settling in her new home, thus opening her heart and mind to new life experiences. The Nautilus was found on one of her beach walks with the real live octopus in it. It made such an impression on her that she had to immortalize it in her painted landscape. The Nautilus shell has also been long-considered as one of the most striking examples of the Golden ratio in nature, which became known to her around that time.