Acrylic on stretched canvas

W:75cm x H:50cm x D:3.5cm

This painting was done for ‘Verge’, a group exhibition held in Knysna, to aid the awareness of endangered species in the Garden Route, South Africa.

Here we see two islands drifting away from one another. One is green and lush with evergreen vegetation and the other barren and bare with 3 species floating away on it.

This is the artist’s visual interpretation of what is happening within the Garden Route forests. The Marshall Eagle, the Leopard, and the Grysbok numbers are rapidly declining because of man’s interference.

By highlighting the fact that they are “Floating Away”, Nuss hopes to draw attention to the need for supporting establishments that work to conserve and protect these precious animals.

Please visit  Landmark Foundation and Radical Raptors to learn more about organizations that help these causes in our immediate area.