Hand painted watercolour and ink logo design.

Inyani Design is a branch of illustrations and artworks by Ingrid Nuss with an African theme. She explains:

“Having been born and raised in South Africa and Namibia, I have always had a love for the majestic natural beauty and colourful creatures and characters I’ve been surrounded by. This has been a great inspiration in my artistic practice and I pay tribute with my illustrative branch called “Inyani Design”.

The term ‘Inyani‘ means ‘The Truth’ in the Xhosa language spoken in South Africa. It just has a ‘ring’ to it and I reckon these illustrations expose some form of truth that lies within. The meaning of the given name Inyani represents idealism, intuition, romance, generosity, creativity, wisdom, and tolerance, which are most aspects I base my truth on.

Drawing from the design aesthetics of various different cultures and their patterns, as well as patterns seen all around us, Inyani Design aims to capture a harmonious combination of whimsical and edgy artistry with a characterful contemporary flair.” – Ingrid Nuss