“Deep Wild Space” Paper Print

  • Archival Pigment Print on Acid-free 270 gsm Cotton Fine Art Paper
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • Edition of 50
  • Size includes white border around the image
  • Comes with certificate of authenticity
  • Please note all prints are sold unframed
  • Some prints may take a little longer as they’re printed to order

About this artwork

The Tiger is often seen in the artworks of the artist. The majestic cat represents a spirit guardian and embodies strength, composure, and calm as an ideal to be achieved within herself. In this specific painting, there is tension between the composed and relaxed presence of the tiger and the very large broken glass window opening up to space.

Oftentimes conflict appears within oneself and the way we handle it is very tricky. One way in which the artist hints at maintaining her balance is by surfing. Here are two of the boards which she has used to get in touch with nature through the energy of the ocean.

Another way to perceive this broken window in a greater context is that it opens up to planet Mars. With the advancements in technology and space travel, there has been much talk about using Mars as a habitable planet, but this comes with neglect to our own. Although we might use it as reassurance, we need to rather address the relevant issues disrupting the balance within our immediate home, Earth.


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“Deep Wild Space” Paper Print

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