“Life’s A Movie” Mixed Media Collage

  • Original mixed media collage
  • 35.5 x 47 x 4.5cm (Includes frame and matboard)
  • Framed in 1.5cm light wood
  • Matboard is 2cm wide
  • Free shipping in RSA

About this artwork

Once the understanding that we perceive our world through our limited senses as the “real world” is merely a fraction of what comprises this existence, then we can get beyond our limitations and start activating our powerful frequency which is in tune with the incomprehensible bigger picture. We are the main actors in our movies, and we can choose the parts we want to play. But when we go beyond the parts we play, we get to the true essence of who we are outside of the movie.


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“Life’s A Movie” Mixed Media Collage

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