“Meditating on the Infinite” Canvas Print

  • 6 cm museum wrap edges (black)
  • Hand-signed
  • Gallery quality, non-glare, satin finish
  • Open edition
  • The canvas comes un-stretched, rolled in a cylinder

About this artwork

This artwork is a reflection of one’s personal journey through self-discovery. The meditating tiger represents the strength cultivated within, illuminated through self-work and development.

The sky below symbolizes the inner knowing that everything is in flux and that our world is not fully concrete.

Whilst the tiger has reached an illuminated evolutionary state through its personification, the leopard with its back to the viewer is still in its animal form. This touches on the idea of still being in resistance, which is prevalent in most of us along the way.

The ceiling cracked open exposes the infinite realm which exists beyond the visible. By taking time to meditate on the concept of infinity that access becomes a channeling from within, and you become one with the infinite.

There are some more hidden meanings, but the artist can’t give away all of her secrets, can she?


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“Meditating on the Infinite” Canvas Print

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