“Open Heart” Canvas Print

  • 6 cm museum wrap edges (black)
  • Hand-signed
  • Gallery quality, non-glare, satin finish
  • Open edition
  • The canvas comes un-stretched, rolled in a cylinder

About this artwork

This artwork is a mashup of biomes and animals and symbolism. Every single thing is in motion, from the beasts of the deep to the birds in the canopy.

As above, so below.

We often perceive ourselves as being in the world – but forget the world is in us, too – just like the bird on the branch. We can flow with the motion of nature or try to swim upstream. Which choice will you make?

The lush forest veil in the background is a reminder of the abundance all around us – all we need to do is connect with nature to tap into this non-physical wealth.


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“Open Heart” Canvas Print

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