“Round And Round We Go” Paper Print

  • Archival Pigment Print on Acid-free 270 gsm Cotton Fine Art Paper
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • Edition of 50
  • Please note all prints are sold unframed
  • Some prints may take a little longer as they’re printed to order

About this artwork

Life seems to be
Cycles upon cycles
Passing away
Arising again
Like the sun
And the moon
Always there
Rising and falling from our perspective
Yet only because we are spinning
On a giant rock
Hurling through space
Perspectives are all relative
And emotions
Are they arising or passing away
As the sages say?
Or perhaps is
Always there
And only coming up for attention
When we spin out?

Could we connect
Bliss and trust
Is always there too?

Are we falling
Or standing still?
Which do we choose?
Left or right
Up or down
In or out
Yes or no
Or do we like nature
Walk the middle path?
The balanced
Not planning or fearing
What is to come?
Not drowning
In memories
And narratives of the past
And rather choose love
Even when fear
Or storms get loud?

Poem by @aloha.jacqueline


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“Round And Round We Go” Paper Print

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