STW Art Shirt “Perspective”

  • 100% Combed compact cotton for a light and durable feel
  • 100% Locally manufactured product, Proudly South African
  • Slightly longer and slim-fit T-shirt
  • Limited edition T-shirt series
Size Guide Half Chest (cm) Front Body Length (cm)
XS 44 70
S 47,5 72
M 50 75
L 53,5 76
XL 56 80
XXL 58 81

About this artwork

Here one sees a person in a traditional Basotho blanket and hat, covered entirely so the person’s identity is unknown. This ‘being’ is set in space, on another planet, looking back at Earth with the view of Africa.

The painting touches on feelings of longing, and alienation, whilst delving into deep thoughts of belonging to something bigger.

The inclusion of an indigenous Lesotho tribesman/woman highlights the importance of holding on to tradition and what makes us unique on this planet. By looking back at what is considered to be our home in the greater sense of the word it forms a unifying approach to our differences, and the connectivity we all have that live in this blue jewel in space.

‘Perspective’ aims to do exactly as the title prompts: to gain and keep a sense of perspective when daily life can become quite overwhelming, by remembering we are all in this together, of the same place, and the magical mystery this planet is.


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STW Art Shirt “Perspective”

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