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“The Enormity Of Knowing This Is Temporary” Original Painting

  • Original painting on stretched canvas
  • 127 x 79 x 4.7cm (includes frame)
  • Framed in 1.5cm light wood
  • 0.5cm gap between frame and artwork
  • Free shipping in RSA

About this artwork

When things get too hectic I have to take a step back and ask myself: What are you chasing? Why are you trying to control this situation?
I think about how, when we’re rushing around in our busy lives, we miss the beautiful moments, the precious little pieces that make up the whole.

The delicate balance between working for what I want and letting go of control is something I need to reassess from time to time. The conclusion is always the same; things are unfolding the way they should.

Our living experience is short. And when I linger on that thought for a while, it grows and grows until it’s huge. Enormous, even.
And it’s from this place that I can forgive myself and others and let go of my struggles, both internal and external.


Sold out!

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“The Enormity Of Knowing This Is Temporary” Original Painting

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