“The Flowering Of Consciousness In Eden” Original Painting

  • Original painting on stretched canvas
  • 104 x 66 x 4.5cm
  • Framed
  • Free shipping in RSA
  • Painting taken off the frame and rolled in cylinder for international shipping

About this artwork

This painting is of a place on an old pass road between Wilderness and George, called the Silver River Bridge. The illustrative interpretations of the birds (symbolic of a higher connection to the spirit realm) are indigenous to the Garden Route (Long Crested Eagle and the Loerie), and the elusive leopards also still are found here in the wild.

Here we see the lines between what is imagined and what is real being blurred. The artist suggests that imagination can play a part in how we view our reality. Ideas of the awakening consciousness and humanity evolving into its state of flourishing are touched on, as well as bridging into a new way of viewing ourselves and the world through more “awake” eyes. Ultimately, the viewer is given a subtle nod to their inner power by acknowledging that we are more powerful in our thoughts and beliefs through knowing that the way we view and think of the world will play a part in how our evolution happens.


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“The Flowering Of Consciousness In Eden” Original Painting

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